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Application, CV and
interview tips

Applying for a job at Hays is not difficult, but you should ensure you allow enough time to prepare your application.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions and CV and interview tips before you apply.

Advice - FAQs


How long after applying for a job with Hays can I expect to receive a reply?

We strive to acknowledge all applications, whether successful or not, within two business days. From time to time, due to the volume of applications, this can take longer and we encourage you to call us directly to discuss your interest in Hays.

Can I apply for jobs in more than one country at a time?

We do support mobility across all regions both national and international level however our expectation is that you communicate all of your applications with the Internal Recruitment team or Operations Directors during your initial conversations with us. This enables us to manage your application effectively.

How many interviews will I need to attend?

The number and style of interviews you will be required to attend may vary depending on the level of the job you are applying for. Typically you can expect four interviews with Hays UAE.

How long after attending my interview will I find out if my application has been successful?

When you attend an interview with us we will manage your expectations and communicate the approximate duration in which your interview process will take. At any point you are welcome to discuss your application and progress with our Internal Recruitment and/or Operations teams.

If I’m not successful in applying this time around, can I apply for a job with Hays at a later date?

If you are initially unsuccessful we will provide thorough feedback on your performance and discuss what steps you should take to support your success in the future.

Advice - Useful CV and interview tips

Useful CV and
interviews tips

Our top tips on writing your CV

Our Internal Recruitment process is robust and detailed which means you will need to prepare thoroughly.

  • Always sell yourself as an aspiring Recruiting Expert at Hays
  • Prepare your CV in MS Word and ensure the file size is small
  • Keep your CV simple; leave out all graphics and images
  • Include all basic personal information including your name, address, telephone numbers and email address
  • Ensure the e-mail address you provide is appropriate and professional
  • List the secondary and higher educational institutions you attended as well as qualifications gained and dates completed
  • List your work experience in chronological order, beginning with the most recent
  • Include employer names, positions held, primary responsibilities and achievements
  • Add reasons for leaving each employer and explain any gaps in your career (overseas travel, having a family, etc)
  • Do not use industry jargon
  • Do not use slang or text talk
  • Always check you spelling and grammar
  • If you opt to add a cover letter, ensure it highlights your unique selling points that will easily demonstrate to the reader why you are the right person for the job
  • Ensure your social media profile is presented professionally. Hays is the fifth most followed company on LinkedIn, so why not connect with us and learn about our business
  • Be prepared and ensure that you can articulate what the core responsibilities of this job are

Tips from the top when interviewing with Hays UAE

At Hays, we hire potential and we train skill. Demonstrate your commerciality, motivations and ability to think on your feet whilst under pressure and you could soon find yourself working for an industry leading team.

  • Ensure you know the exact time, date and location of your interview. Plan your route, public transport times/parking locations, and how long your journey will take. It is essential to arrive on time at every stage of the recruitment process at Hays
  • Create your personal brand to reflect our brand values. Present and articulate yourself as a Hays employee would.
  • Ensure you are corporately presented in full business attire
  • Be polite and courteous to everyone you meet
  • Be engaging, confident and maintain eye contact
  • Be enthusiastic and show your interest in becoming a recruiting expert at Hays
  • Address your interviewer by their name
  • Shake hands firmly
  • Sit upright and be attentive throughout your interview
  • Remember to be a good listener in addition to being a good talker
  • Consider answers to each question carefully and articulate your answers well
  • Always try and relate your answers to the recruitment industry and our core values
  • Take copies of certificates relating to educational and/or professional qualifications and offer them to your interviewer as a reference

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