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Experienced careers in recruitment - Intro

Experienced careers in recruitment

We offer unparalleled career opportunities for proven recruiters and leaders, as well as commercially-minded professionals looking to change careers and switch to the leading recruitment business.

We are the preferred partner of a range of organisations - from the newest technology start-ups to some of the biggest players across the Middle East. We also seek to create a friendly and supportive culture, in which employees can bring their authentic selves to work and make a difference to the communities in which they work.

Experienced careers in recruitment - Reason block

Reasons to join Hays

Cutting-edge tech at your fingertips

Our recruiting experts have access to the industry's best technology and most cutting-edge resources, to help save you time, win business, find and engage the best candidates and be more strategic.

Continuous learning and development

We offer a range of learning and development programmes and opportunities for our senior recruiters, so they can continue to grow professionally. This includes online support, microlearning and blended learning, and advanced people leadership programmes.

Investment in the right areas

Our business is investing globally in key, strategic areas, industries and sectors, providing amazing opportunities for senior consultants to continue to grow their careers in exciting new directions. Right now, we have a huge focus on tech, but we’re always keeping on top of trends and investing in the areas that matter.

Promotion opportunities

We clearly signpost opportunities to be promoted throughout your career with us, whether these involve moving to one of the 33 countries that we operate in, people leadership or senior business strategy positions.

Experienced careers in recruitment - Roles and responsibilities

Experienced careers in recruitment roles and responsibilities

Are you excited by the fast-paced working environment, varied role and people-focused career that working in recruitment can offer? Then read on to discover more about the daily roles, responsibilities and activities of Hays consultants.

  • Supporting your team throughout the day

    As a senior consultant, you may also be a people manager. This means that one of your key responsibilities each day will be supporting those who report into you: helping them prioritise their workloads, supporting them with any challenges they may encounter and helping them to be the best professionals possible.

  • Engaging with talent through direct headhunting

    More experienced consultants will know exactly the type of person who will be a good fit for a role and organisation. They will directly engage with potential candidates, including those not currently looking for work, to ensure they find the right professional for every role.

  • Hosting a client meeting

    Senior consultants will use client meetings as opportunities to go above and beyond discussing roles that an employer needs filled - such as is offering insights into how the recruitment landscape in their sector is changing, what soft skills they should be prioritising or helping them identify weaknesses in their hiring processes.

  • Developing their market

    Understanding your market and finding innovative strategies to ensure Hays is the 'go to' recruitment expert in your area is an important part of a senior consultant's role. For example, hosting a networking event in your area, with an interesting agenda and expert guest speakers helps to add real value for our clients.

  • Mentoring and recognising successes

    The responsibilities of being a people or business manager extend beyond simply helping your team with their daily workloads. Mentoring junior colleagues, identifying where and how performance requires support and recognising the success of others - including nominating your reportees for prestigious internal awards - are all a part of this.

  • Helping foster a great Hays culture

    Hays is very proud of its inclusive, fun and friendly culture. Senior consultants often play an active part in fostering this - whether by organising team building activities or being part of a steering committee to drive forward an issue close to their hearts, such as supporting mental health and wellbeing.

Experienced careers in recruitment - Testimonial


A formally dressed gentleman wearing a grey suit and a vibrant purple tie, displaying a pleasant smile and looking directly at the camera. The photograph is a headshot.
Mark Paul Manager - Manufacturing, Procurement, Supply Chain, Construction & Sales

“I wholeheartedly recommend Hays to anyone aspiring to kickstart or advance their recruitment career.”

A formally dressed gentleman wearing a grey suit and a vibrant purple tie, displaying a pleasant smile and looking directly at the camera. The photograph is a headshot.
Kieran Fitzgerald Senior Operations Director

“I have enjoyed the great opportunities that Hays has presented me over the years and across so many different countries. Each and every one of them has given me a fresh challenge and kept me on my toes”

A professional woman dressed in a formal black suit smiles softly and looks directly at the camera. She wears her long straight hair down, tucked behind her ears.  The photograph is a headshot.
Ines Messaoudi Senior Accounts Manager

“The environment here encourages not just career advancement but also offers a chance to meaningfully impact others’ careers”