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Working with us

Working with us

Hays operates a high performance environment and our internal company culture is fast-paced and constantly evolving. We describe our culture as a meritocracy; a culture that promotes and rewards based on the merit of your personal performance, because you are our greatest asset.


We hire based on potential, we train skill. Potential is displayed through our brand values –  These are the attitudes, skills and qualities we look for in our people. The same  qualities that make us successful as individuals and as a leading team in the world of work:

Passionate about people

We are in business because we believe in people. We know the right person in the right role can change lives and transform organisations for the better –making that connection means everything to us. With diligence, empathy and pride, we help organisations secure the talent they need to succeed, and help individuals make the most of every stage of their career.


The best way we can demonstrate commitment to our clients and candidates is through our ambition for them. Their success is our success, so we don’t hold back. We make brave moves, aim high, and work hard every day to deliver the positive impact that achieving success brings to people’s lives.


People come to us because we’re the experts, with over 50 years of experience in recruitment and talent management. We combine this insight with deep specialist knowledge that enables us to place talent across a wide spectrum of industries and sectors all over the world. This professional know-how is indispensable –you simply cannot find, engage and place the right people in the right roles without it.


Beyond understanding people’s skills and experience, there’s a real art to matching them with the right opportunity. This involves taking an inquisitive approach to understand their aspirations and motivations, building the insight required to ensure the ideal fit for any role. And when it comes to understanding the talent needs of organisations, that also takes vision, curiosity and instinct to help our clients achieve their full potential.


We are always seeking new and better ways to make the perfect match between client and candidate. This means being bold, agile and open to ideas –whether it be embracing new technologies, developing our people, or innovating the way we work. Our goal is simple: to stay one step ahead in creating the recruiting experience of tomorrow.

Do the right thing

Underpinning everything we do is our belief that we must always do the right thing. Doing the right thing enhances and protects our reputation, building trust with all our candidates, clients and other stakeholders. This unites us and makes us stronger.

Meet our people


Our greatest asset is our people and the careers of our employees are our priority. Everyone at Hays has their own story of their journey since joining our teams.


Find out more about our people and their Hays story.

Steffan Jones

Recruitment Consultant

Mark Paul

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Murari Pareek

Finance Director

Amy Bassindale

Business Manager

Kieran Fitzgerald

Senior Operations Director

Steffan Jones

Recruitment Consultant

With 4 years of sales experience across the UK and America, I moved to Dubai to gain more international experience within a multinational organisation and was delighted when I was offered a position with Hays as an Associate Recruitment Consultant in the Accountancy & Finance team. Being one of the top recruitment organisations in the world, I was very excited to start my career with such a reputable company. For me, Hays really stood out due the strong career development opportunities and quality training they have available compared to other recruitment companies.


From day one, I have received a great level of support through dedicated hands-on training and mentoring. My first two months were very overwhelming with the amount of knowledge I had to take in whilst learning to juggle everything all at once but with the support and guidance I have experienced, I am now confident in my ability to complete all tasks at hand. I feel that I have learnt so much and I understand that a positive mental attitude, strong work ethic and dedication are key to being successful in recruitment. After 8 months with the business, I’ve been promoted to Recruitment Consultant, which I feel is testament to the support I have received and motivation Hays have instilled in me.


The office environment is great and everyone is more than happy help, it’s clear that Hays cares about its people. Working for such a large organisation is very exciting because I will experience on-going training and development, career progression and the opportunity for high earnings.

“I love that you get out what you put in, the harder you work the more you earn”

Murari Pareek

Finance Director

I have always wanted to work for a multi-national corporation due to the international exposure I hoped it would provide and I am delighted to say that Hays has by far superseded my expectations.


I first joined the company in 2011 as Finance Manager of the Hays India office and two years later, I was offered a position with them in Dubai – an opportunity I grabbed on with both hands.


Relocating to a new country was initially a challenge for me as I had to adjust to the local laws and regulations but with after six months, with some great support and training, I soon felt at ease.


In my seven years at Hays I have had a number of learning opportunities which have helped me to develop in my career. Most noticeable have been the two finance software implementations and upgradations that I have been involved in and which have really helped me to understand our accounting capability and systems. With such a big international finance community within Hays, I’ve been lucky to have picked up the very best training and practices in order to lead a smooth integration of software within my own region.


I also get great exposure to functions outside of finance. As a member of the management team, I am involved in all key strategic decisions of the local business, which helps me to better understand our key risks and areas of focus. Most recently, I have been a part of setting the four year strategic map for Hays Middle East, which has been incredibly insightful. I am excited to be a part of our next growth journey and look forward to further strengthening our finance function for the success of the company.

"The culture at Hays is fantastic. There's a lot of energy in the office. There's lots going on, from the moment you walk in it's non-stop."

Mark Paul

Senior Recruitment Consultant

I joined Hays in Cambridge as an Associate Recruitment Consultant in 2016 within the Procurement & Supply Chain team. I had previously worked in Customer Service roles across Hospitality and Banking. I was in a crossroads regarding my career and after an interesting and insightful discussion with an internal recruiter at Hays, I decided recruitment was the next step for me.

One of the reasons I was so keen to join Hays was due to their market-leading training and once I had completed some internal training modules, I was given the autonomy to build my Logistics & Supply Chain desk. After a successful first 18 months I was promoted to Senior Consultant and was then considering where I wanted my Hays career to go.

Since the beginning I had always been clear that I wanted to explore international opportunities within Hays and I was very fortunate that my then Manager and Director were very supportive of this. I was delighted when an opportunity came up to join the Hays Dubai team and within the Procurement & Supply Chain department. Everything was taken care of as part of my transfer to a new office. Travel, accommodation and shipping goods were all handled, and everything went through stress-free.

Since arriving in the UAE, I have been running the Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain department, working closely with other teams across the office. It’s been a fantastic journey so far and I have received a huge amount of support and guidance from my manager and colleagues in the UAE. It is safe to say I am very excited to see how my Hays career unfolds.

“It’s been a fantastic journey so far and I have received a huge amount of support and guidance from my manager and colleagues in the UAE. It is safe to say I am very excited to see how my Hays career unfolds.”

Amy Bassindale

Business Manager

I joined Hays UAE in May 2011, not long after arriving in Dubai. Whilst I had over two years generalist recruitment experience, this was my first specialist recruitment role. My focus at the time was within the Accounting & Finance division, recruiting for junior finance roles.


I knew from my first day at Hays that this was going to be a company I would have a long and fulfilling career with. Everyone was extremely welcoming, willing to help and supportive in offering me advice. I have been lucky enough to work with some very experienced recruiters who I have learnt a lot from and I believe that it is this knowledge sharing that has prepared me for my career progression. I am now responsible for the Accounting & Finance team in Dubai, recruiting for senior finance roles and managing two consultants.


Hays is a company that provides real career opportunities and allows you to develop and progress in your preferred direction, whilst offering support every step of the way. The training I have received over the years has been invaluable in terms of making the transition from a fee earner to a fee earning manager. In addition to the unrivalled systems, ongoing training, global office network and management support available, I have made life-long friends at Hays and enjoy a great work/life balance.

“Hays is a company that provides real career opportunities and allows you to develop and progress in your preferred direction, whilst offering support every step of the way”

Kieran Fitzgerald

Senior Operations Director

I first joined Hays in 2001, starting as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant within the Construction & Property business in Ireland. Initially working as part of the engineering team, I progressed quickly to a management role with responsibility for the Cork office, which then expanded further to me managing the Munster and Connacht region for Construction & Property. I was accountable for three offices: Cork, Limerick and Galway with a focus on maximising client relationships across all geographical areas and implementing coherent recruitment solutions to service these clients. I also had ultimate responsibility for the development, recruitment and management of staff and services across the region.


In 2008 I took advantage of our global opportunities, transferring to the Dubai office as a Senior Manager – Gulf Region, where I was responsible for all Engineering, Design and HSE positions. This role was a brand new challenge; working in a new environment culturally and in an infant recruitment market. After one year in the UAE I was fortunate to be promoted to Operations Director, running our Professional Services team and learning a whole new area of recruitment. This was a fantastic experience. The knowledge I gained allowed me to transfer to Hays Australia in 2012 and manage the Corporate Services business in WA for nearly three years.


In 2015 I relocated back to UAE and in my current role as a key member of the management team, I am involved with all strategic decisions and the day to day running of the Hays Professional Services brands in the UAE. I have enjoyed the great opportunities that Hays has presented me over the years and across so many different countries. Each and every one of them has given me a fresh challenge and kept me on my toes. Our people are our greatest asset and I have been privileged to work with the best in the industry.

“I have enjoyed the great opportunities that Hays has presented me over the years and across so many different countries. Each and every one of them has given me a fresh challenge and kept me on my toes”

A day in the life

Associate Consultant
Team Lead
Business Leader
  • 8:30 AM

    Having just arrived at the office, I log onto the system and follow up on emails received overnight. Some of these are from prospective candidates and clients, while others are from those that I am currently working with. I will set out an agenda for the rest of the day, deciding who to contact and when based on the level of urgency. I make sure I reach out to each and every inquiry to maintain a strong level of service.

  • I start to gather all previous, existing and new leads that have come in through different job boards in order to prepare for the BD power hour that will start at 10am. These leads can be found through inquiries that have directly come in to Hays for recruitment, chasing jobs advertised by new clients on LinkedIn and also keeping a track of clients that we have worked with before. My aim is to make the power hour as effective as possible and I achieve this by writing down a list of all my target clients I need to call for the day.

    9:00 AM
  • 10:00 AM

    Power hour begins! I review the list of target clients I had prepared and start making business development calls in order to find out more about their business and recruitment needs. As I speak to each client my aim is to sell our recruitment services. I chase vacancies that are currently open with my clients and sell the best available candidates on my database to them. During the business development calls I sometimes gather recruitment leads for a specialism that I do not recruit for, in which case I cross-sell and pass on the lead to the appropriate consultant.

  • I begin to meet with candidates that I had already arranged to interview today. Some of these have the relevant Engineering background and Sales experience required for a few of the positions I am working on and some are candidates that are actively searching for a role within the Sales and Business Development sector. I educate each candidate about Hays and our recruitment process and address any questions or queries they have.

    11:00 AM
  • 12:00 PM

    I take a break to have lunch with my colleagues before I return back to my desk for the second half of the day. I have a few candidates scheduled to be internally interviewed in order to meet and screen their profile in person before I forward their CV’s to my clients.

  • I attend a meeting with my team to provide a daily update on leads and jobs that I am currently working on. This gives everyone a clear picture of how the Sales desk is moving and we will also share tips and ideas with one another. We then end the meeting with forecasting individual and collective team fees for the month and quarter in order to achieve our targets.

    13:00 PM
  • 14:30 PM

    This is the non-core business hour of the day where I revisit all active jobs I advertised to review CV’s of applicants in order to further source and shortlist relevant profiles for the roles I am currently working on. I then telephone screen the candidates that are best suited for the position in order to learn more about their profile and provide them with details about the job vacancy they have applied for and about Hays and our process if they are unfamiliar. This helps me in growing my database and the number of candidates I work with that could also be considered for future job opportunities.

  • I have a client meeting with a Sales Director who is looking to recruit for a Key Account Manager position within his company. I review and research information about their core businesses across the UAE region and globally in order to be best prepared. I meet the Sales Director and introduce myself as the recruiting specialist for the Technical Sales desk at Hays. I have taken in the job and person specification from the client for the vacancy which helps in better understanding their business culture and the type of candidate they are looking to hire.

    15:30 PM
  • 16:30 PM

    I leave the meeting with a full understanding of the organisation and their core business, agreed terms of business, as well as job leads for other consultants in the office. The client is now more aware of how we work and the extent of our services in the region.

  • I return to the office and send a follow up email thanking them for their time and establish a clear plan of action that would be followed in order to fill the role successfully. I catch up on any emails and calls I might have missed while I was out of the office and respond to them. I end my day by creating a new to do list for the following day.

    17:30 PM
  • 8:30 AM

    Early morning is very important as I use it to set my agenda for the day. I grab a quick coffee and log in to our internal system to look at my Work In Progress tab and prioritise my calls for the day.

  • I check in with candidates that have client interviews during the course of the day. I confirm their attendance for the interview, along with wishing them luck and providing any last minute advice and guidance that they may need. It is then time to reply to some emails and I am delighted as an offer just came in for one of my candidates on interview. I share the news with the candidate, who accepts! This is a great positive start to the day!

    9:00 AM
  • 10:00 AM

    The next hour is usually dedicated to business development. I start to contact clients off the back of the leads I have prepared. Largely these have been sourced from my internal system search, job portals and LinkedIn. I have managed to reach three clients today, one of them is hiring for a Java Developer and would like to meet me to discuss the role. I send a calendar invite accordingly. The other two clients are not hiring at this moment in time however, they appreciate my follow up and advise me to call back next month for a catch up.

  • The next hour is dedicated to resourcing and I spend most of the time speaking with candidates, meeting with them and shortlisting those who fit with the current roles I am working on.

    11:00 AM
  • 12:00 PM

    Lunch break – time to go for a quick bit to eat in the food court with my work colleagues.

  • After lunch I continue with candidate resourcing and arranging interviews. I brief the shortlisted candidates about the client and job they interviewing for.

    12:30 PM
  • 2:00 PM

    I have a meeting with an IT client near our office to discuss potential hiring opportunities. The meeting goes well and they have a job for me. This particular role requires a very niche set of skills and I know that I will need to headhunt for more candidates that match these. I speak in detail with the client about the role requirements in order to help target my search and agree on our standard terms of business.

  • I return to the office and catch up with candidates after their interviews to get their feedback. I also try and contact the client so that I have some feedback to share with the candidates.

    3:30 PM
  • 4:00 PM

    I have a couple of calls with candidates in UK. This would be the best time to speak with them considering the time difference with the UAE.

  • Time to check my to do list again. There are a few pending tasks that need attention so I finish registering candidates on the system and complete all feedback calls with candidates.

    4:30 PM
  • 5:15 PM

    There is a monthly round up from our Managing Director where he discusses the fees billed for the month, congratulates consultants with excellent customer service reviews and rewards the Consultant of the Month for their hard work. Targets are also announced for next month so that we know exactly what we need to work towards and achieve as an office.

  • I end the day by confirming my fee for the accepted offer and write it on the board. There is usually a round of applause and congratulations from my colleagues in the office, which really makes me feel part of the team here at Hays.

    5:45 PM
  • 6:00 PM

    A good and productive day all round, I leave office on a happy note.

  • 08:30 AM

    We have a coffee to start our morning and I call a team meeting to discuss the day before; what was good, what wasn’t so good and what we need to focus on for the day ahead. During this time, I also go over the jobs each consultant is working on and understand how they are progressing.

  • After checking our emails, my team log on to the job board. Between them, they review any new candidate registrations, as well as looking at new job leads that have appeared on the portals. This sets us up ready for BD hour and I also use this time to check the team KPI’s.

    09:00 AM
  • 10:00 AM

    Core hours – This is the best time to get hold of our clients so it is business development time. The whole office gets involved and everyone is on the phone. My team spend the next two hours calling through our clients to update them with any new developments in the job market, follow up on the leads gained in the morning and sell in our best candidates. This time is also used to catch up on interviews that have happened and speak with clients for feedback. A productive core hour sees us secure new job leads and arrange multiple client meetings for the week ahead.

  • After lunch we have candidate registrations booked in. This is an essential part of the recruitment process for us as meeting our candidates allows us to sell them to our clients with a personal touch. I go through their CV in detail to understand their skills and expertise and where they would be best suited in a new role. I also try and gain insight into their current employer, who they report to and who would be recruiting for their job when they leave for a new position. By doing this, I identify new client leads to get in touch in upcoming business development hours.

    12:30 PM
  • 2:30 PM

    I catch up with my team to see how the morning has gone and discuss their wins and challenges. We then talk over anything that they may need help with in an open forum and continue the plan of action for the rest of the day.

  • This is a great time to go on client visits. So I prepare for my afternoon client meeting, printing all CVs and doing the necessary research on the company. If I am going to meet to discuss a job they have already given me to work, I will take relevant candidate profiles for them to review for that position. If we do not have terms in place already, I will discuss fees, agree a proposition and set a timeline for shortlisting and interviewing candidates.

    3:30 PM
  • 5:00 PM

    I am back in the office and rounding up my day. I catch up with my team to share our successes for the day, give advice and suggest any actions that need to be followed up on. We will all individually spend some time writing our plans for tomorrow and I will respond to any outstanding emails so that my inbox is clear for the morning.

  • 8:30 AM

    I arrive at the office and create a to do list, ensuring I prioritise my day which can change quite drastically in the world of recruitment. I then go through my emails that I have received from the night before and once this is completed, I will go review the previous night’s applications for my priority roles. I contact the relevant candidates to arrange a face-to-face interview and will also note down the companies that they have previously worked at to use as target contacts for my business development hours.

  • My next two hours of the day are dedicated to business development. I set out my target list of clients, which consists of new and existing contacts, and ring them to find out more about their business and any potential hiring needs either now or in the future. I find that information is transferred much more quickly and personably over the phone than via email and is therefore more effective for building relationship with clients.

    10:00 AM
  • 12:00 PM

    I quickly grab a bite to eat around this time and review some of the other job boards whilst I am eating my lunch. I may also check the local online newspapers for any IT Projects that are being released so that I can contact them and introduce myself for potential business opportunities. Speaking to a client at the early stage of an assignment is crucial for us to ensure that we can help support their needs from analysis all the way through to the deployment stages of the project life cycle. I will also go through some of the emails that I may have received during my earlier business development session.

  • I will be back on the phone sourcing candidates for new roles, reviewing their CV’s and discussing the vacancy requirements with them. The next steps to screening candidates includes meeting face-to-face or otherwise, telephone and video interviews depending on their availability and location as we regularly relocate candidates into Dubai if they have a very niche skillset. I usually ask basic technical questions in which they describe their experience and what an ideal role would look like for them. I also provide advice and guidance on the recruitment process and explain how I will work with them going forward.

    1:00 PM
  • 2:00 PM

    I am heading to the location of one of our main clients, a major international airport, where I have multiple contractors currently working. I regularly visit client sites to deliver purchase orders, medical insurance cards or employment contract extension paperwork to them. I could do this service online but I prefer to meet in person as I believe it adds value to the service we are providing to clients by ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible, which in turn strengthens our relationships with them. I also arrange for a coffee or tea with our contractors on site to catch up with them and to see how they are getting on in their role.

  • I return to the office to check my emails and receive a contract offer from another one of our clients. I present the offer to the contractor and request a list of documents that are legally required for processing their visa and payroll.

    4:00 PM
  • 5:00 PM

    I review all of my outstanding tasks from my to do list, one of which is to check in on my other contractors that I have not yet spoken with and provide them with an update based on earlier feedback I have received from their employer. I will stay in the office until I have reached them and then draft up tomorrow’s list before leaving for home.

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